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Jean Bellon

"Working with Nivasa was one of the most interesting experience I have ever had. I spent 4 months helping with the reconstruction of the village of Kottamedu in Tamil Nadu. I had to design construction documents, and as well, supervise the block making process and the construction of the houses. I am really thankful to Nivasa for all the responsibilities they had given me. 

The most favorite part of my term was the special connect we were able to have  with the local community on site. It was not easy every day, mainly because of the language barrier, but, I felt that working with and for the people of Kottamedu was one unique and amazing experience. Unlike the rigid client / service provider relationship, the boundaries were much more blurry between each part responsibilities. Such work frame demands more respect, exchange and a deeper understanding of each other, more exchange, making the construction work truly enriching.

I am really proud of the work I did with Nivasa."

Anupama Karthik

 "My association with NIVASA has been a fulfilling one and has served as an eye opener for me to the harsh and ugly realities of the world. Team Nivasa consists of a group of dedicated enthusiastic individuals focused on the noble task of housing and infrastructure development in Indian villages. With the number of needy and homeless people on the increase, the commendable efforts of Nivasa are a blessing in disguise for the below poverty line people. As an individual, I used to be affected a lot by the miseries of the poor people. My inability to do something constructive to improve their status and living conditions gave me a feeling of inadequacy. After starting my journey with Nivasa, I feel contented and happy for having been given the opportunity to contribute to their noble cause, though in a small way. Their extremely high level of passion, ability to work through government bureaucracy, finding and retaining dedicated and committed team members, sharp focus on their goal, immense patience, tenacity, perseverance and self-motivation will definitely help them achieve success in every step taken by them thereby lighting up the lives of many people. I wish them all the very best for continued progress and smooth sailing in all their future endeavours."

Magdalena Mayi

 "My two months experience with Nivasa was truly valuable! The team was welcoming and I learnt a lot by their side; from fabrication of SAB blocks to detailed working drawings. The varied site visits were maybe the most exciting times because I got to see that what we were doing in the office was « for real ». I am very glad I could work with people so  passionate and involved with what they do and who have an incredible approach towards architecture and humans. I really hope to work with Nivasa again one day !" 

Ami Mehta

"Thank you so much for the past month of experience; It was great to see another side to architecture and the profession, and more importantly it was inspiring to see the impact Nivasa has had and will have on so many communities.

I really enjoyed learning about your Nivasa's projects and working on them, and I loved the challenges that came with this kind of work.

Though I am still pretty young in the game, this internship has given me some insight into what I'd actually like to do with my career. "

Arunbabu Kannappan

"At the outset, the very thought about being socially involved with a community and translating Ideas into reality seemed to be too abstract. NIVASA takes on the challenge. 

It is a pleasure and fortunate thing for me to have been associated with Team NIVASA. They have been doing some amazing work for the cause of poor and needy. They are an extremely committed and a passionate group of like-minded individuals who wish to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable sections of the society. NIVASA is a beautiful manifestation of a great thought bundled with lot of energy, selfless social service & empathy leading to a better society."